Building Services


We partner with commercial vendors, small businesses and state licensing agencies to provide full-service cafeterias, diners, snack shops and vending services for customers.


We partner with the Ability One program, 8(a) and other small business and minority-owned vendors to maintain millions of square feet of federally owned space.

Our custodial program provides customers with services including daily cleaning, periodic services, recycling, composting, snow removal, landscaping and solid waste removal.

Fire protection

We hire fire protection consultants when needed as we replace or add fire protection in locations.

We are involved in many fire protection endeavors, including providing risk-assessment surveys of federally owned space to ensure building occupants have a safe place to work. We are also involved in the National Fire Protection Association.

Occupational safety and health

Our goal is to provide supervisors and building managers with the tools necessary to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all GSA employees, contractors, tenants, and visitors. Report any safety or health concerns to your GSA Service Center.

Last Reviewed: 2022-07-11