Sustainability in Action - NCR

Federal agencies depend on GSA to provide first class workplaces and solutions while ensuring environmental stewardship through sustainability and energy efficiency.

GSA’s National Capital Region (NCR) supports and advances environmental performance, economic prosperity and social equity through a variety of initiatives. The development and implementation of policies and practices that conserve resources and promote a healthy environment include:

  • Educating NCR employees and our customers about sustainability and energy performance
  • Developing sustainability and energy programs that that address priorities of all business lines and take into consideration tenant agency goals
  • Fostering collaboration across GSA programs, finding new way to reduce environmental impacts and promote sustainability at all levels
  • Engaging external partners and resources
  • Coordinating efforts to exceed the goals of Executive Orders and regulatory mandates
  • Measuring and reporting on efforts to reduce cost, improve performance and increase efficiency
  • Encouraging new product integration for technological advancement and reliability of a resource-neutral, post-carbon economy
  • Reducing and mitigating environmental risks and pollution through environmental protection practices
  • Incorporating sustainable practices in the operations & maintenance and design & constructions of federal buildings

GSA's National Capital Region seeks to attain and maintain a place of leadership in all that we do. This includes leadership in environmental stewardship and sustainability on our federally owned campus's and buildings, in our leased facilities, and in the larger community of which we are a part. We are committed to examining the actual and potential environmental impacts associated with our activities and services in order to continually improve environmental performance.

NCR’s Energy Directive

In order to accelerate energy performance improvements across the NCR portfolio, Regional Public Buildings Service (PBS) Commissioner, Darren Blue, signed a Regional Energy Directive spurring collaboration across PBS business lines to advance the energy performance of the portfolio.

The primary purpose of the Regional Energy Directive is to promote and foster the integration of energy performance practices and principles into all business operations, through:

  • Outlining measurable, transparent commitments for each participating office.
  • Providing a foundation for ongoing, focused discussions leading to actions and innovations that improve energy performance where feasible and cost effective.
  • Developing a framework for tracking and reporting progress.
  • Increasing workforce awareness of the multiple roles and opportunities for improving energy performance.
Last Reviewed: 2020-02-25