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DateNews Release Article
12/22/2014 GSA Seeks Ideas for Ronald Reagan Building International Trade Center
12/19/2014 GSA Seeks Developers for FBI Headquarters Project
12/10/2014 What New and Innovative Features will Drive the Future of Government Payments
11/05/2014 GSA's ARRA-Funded Green Investments Help Federal Buildings Weather the Storm
10/22/2014 GSA On Track to Meet Administration's 2020 Renewable Energy Goal
10/02/2014 GSA to Test Commercial Car Sharing as New Federal Fleet Solution
09/30/2014 GSA Begins Next Phase of DHS Consolidation
09/24/2014 GSA Reviews New Version of LEED
09/17/2014 GSA Helps Army Attain Net Zero Energy
09/16/2014 GSA Seeks Promising Technologies to Improve Building Performance
09/12/2014 USDA New Childcare Facility Ribbon Cutting
09/09/2014 GSA Seeks Public Comment on Environmental Impact Statement for Consolidated FBI Headquarters
08/26/2014 GSA Seeks Ideas for First-Of-Its-Kind Redevelopment of Volpe Center
08/12/2014 GSA Takes New Approach to Helping Government Save on Office Supplies
08/07/2014 Strength of City Pair Program Saves Billions for Federal Agencies
07/29/2014 GSA Releases Shortlist of Sites for FBI Consolidation Headquarters
07/25/2014 GSA's Green Buildings Fight Climate Change
07/17/2014 GSA's Maintenance Repair and Operations Strategic Sourcing Solution Gets Green Light
06/11/2014 GSA Gets Green in New Carrollton
06/09/2014 GSA Awards CAMEO Task Orders to Transform FAS Business Systems and Applications
05/28/2014 GSA's Green Button to Save Energy Cost Across the Federal Government
05/13/2014 GSA and NHTSA Launch Partnership to Test Vehicle Safety Devices
04/21/2014 GSA to Shrink Real Estate Footprint and Cut Costs
01/27/2014 National Science Foundation Groundbreaking