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Date News Release Article
11/07/2018 Past, present and future all celebrated at 50-year anniversary of 1 Federal Plaza
09/10/2018 A memorial recovered from 9/11 is restored to WTC
07/16/2018 GSA sells vacant Staten Island land for $2.585M
06/29/2018 GSA and partners meet in person on Industry Day
06/06/2018 GSA, partners celebrate topping-out at future P.R. FBI facility
06/01/2018 Region 2 response and recovery teams participate in annual COOP exercise
05/30/2018 GSA awards lease agreement for CBP in Lewiston, N.Y.
05/11/2018 Region 2 welcomes service-disabled veteran-owned small business owners
05/10/2018 San Juan FMC Doubles Inventory at GTMO with Vehicle Consolidation
04/30/2018 Jeff Lau named Region 2 Federal Acquisition Service Regional Commissioner
04/30/2018 GSA Region 2 marks Earth Day with millions in taxpayer savings
04/23/2018 Metroplex buys former GSA depot
04/05/2018 Vacant land in Staten Island, New York available via online auction
03/29/2018 GSA awards construction contract for 26 Federal Plaza backfill and renovation in New York City
03/13/2018 Ribbon-cutting marks completion of construction on CBP laboratory
02/26/2018 African Burial Ground symbolism links past to present
02/12/2018 John A. Sarcone III Named Regional Administrator of GSA’s Northeast and Caribbean Region
01/23/2018 GSA relies on partnership among people to respond and recover from 2017 Caribbean hurricanes
01/22/2018 GSA makes progress in recovery from Hurricane Maria
01/19/2018 GSA reflects on response to 2017 Caribbean hurricanes