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R10 Fine Arts Series

October 29, 2020

In the heart of Region 10 HEADER logo with quote: “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” — Pablo Picasso
Take a Journey to the Nation's Unlikeliest Museums: Our Federal Buildings. GSA’s Northwest/Arctic Region encompasses a stunning, widely diverse landscape. Its Buildings are no less dynamic. They house a treasure trove of fine artworks that range from bold and dynamic to whimsical. To help celebrate National Arts and Humanitiesmonth, meet the people that care for these works, and experience their beauty and meaning. They are our legacy, and a window into the combined American experience. Each month we will highlight GSA’s Fine Arts program and our Region’s memorable works of public art.

Think Art Curators Only Exist in Museums?
Meet GSA’s Virginia Matthews, Caretaker of Masterpieces

Story by: Lauren Isaksen, Communications Specialist | Layout by: Cynthia Henry, Graphic Designer
Photos of Leaf art by:
Carol Highsmith | Photos of Stare Decisis and Life, Liberty, and Pursuit by: Joshua Jalbert

View a pdf [PDF - 692 KB] of the full story.

Additional Resources

National Arts and Humanities month | Leaf | Stare Decisis | Life | Liberty | Pursuit | Wayne Lyman Morse U.S. Courthouse [PDF - 334 KB]

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