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PACRIM's assisted acquisition focuses on complex and non-complex acquisition requirements. Our acquisition and program management staff has a deep understanding that allows us to deliver high quality solutions.

Our Three Step Process

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Interagency Agreement and Waivers

Our authority for Interagency Agreements is derived from:

  • USC 11302(e) (OMB's executive agent designation) and/or the Acquisition Services Fund, 40 SC § 321.
  • USC § 501-502 (for personal property and non-personal services).
  • USC § 11314 (for some aspects of technology).

These statutory authorities are independent of the Economy Act and therefore, the Economy Act does not apply.

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Funding Documentation / MIPR

Our assisted acquisition fee is determined based on the unique requirements of the acquisition and will be included in the funding document/ Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR).

We accept and manage multi-agency funding.

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Introduction to the IPT

Our acquisitions are managed by Integrated Project Teams (IPTs), and one will be assigned to you.

Our IPT works with clients to ensure everything runs smoothly, meets client requirements, and is compliant.

Our team will work with the requesting agency to write new / update existing Performance Work Statements (PWS) as part of our service.

Contract Vehicles

Our office can use any government-wide contract vehicle, which allows our team to determine the most cost effective, innovative acquisition solution for each client's requirements. The contract vehicles shown below are examples of ones we use; it is not an all inclusive list of options.


PACRIM AAS is a regional Client Support Center housed within GSA Region 9 Federal Acquisition Service and aligned to the GSA FAS AAS Program Office.

Last Reviewed: 2022-01-18