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Mobility is the ability for the workforce to work seamlessly from anywhere, at anytime. Mobile environments focus on creating a collaborative, adaptive and efficient workspace. By avoiding hard-walled offices and row-after-row of cubicles, the space becomes open and allows for an adaptable environment. Reducing the space “assigned” to each individual creates space to informally meet, gather and exchange ideas, plug-in and collaborate, or unplug and concentrate. The space can change along with business needs by easily redefining the areas.


  • Reduction of personal space and increasing shared areas for small, spontaneous meetings gives people the room to meet and exchange ideas.
  • It is a more inviting and collaborative atmosphere since cube rows and high walls tend to segregate employees.
  • Mobile space is open, which allows easier visibility and access to coworkers to share ideas and solve problems on the spot.


  • Less hard walls and more flexible furniture solutions allow organizations to change the office as quickly and easily as their business processes.


  • Mobile reconfiguration allows an approximate increase of 60 percent of assigned workstations in the same area, opposed to a traditional 8’x8’ cube design.
  • Lower furniture panels and open, fluid layout allows natural daylight to flood the mobile area
  • Eliminating rows of stations provides natural paths through the space, which encourages workers to engage with each other. The areas are “buzzing” with activity that is visible
    throughout the space. Although the environment houses more people, the area appears to be open and inviting.


  • Mobile space is defined by the people working in the organization.
  • An inclusive communication process driven by the business lines and teams in the space helps to identify individual work styles and provides space layouts to accommodate preferences — some workers thrive in a more energetic atmosphere and others will need quieter space to accomplish their work.
  • Focusing on employee differences and providing a space to accommodate preferences is the first goal of this transformation.

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Last Reviewed: 2022-06-30