Urban Development/Good Neighbor Services

The mission of the Urban Development Program is to leverage federal real estate actions in ways that bolster the community’s economic, civic and cultural development.

GSA seeks to leverage its federal real estate activities in ways that support community development efforts, while meeting client agencies’ needs and the business bottom line. This is done by being a “good neighbor” to 2,000 communities across America. GSA activities can provide multiple returns for communities by making strategic location and design decisions, participating with local customers and communities, and managing active public buildings. GSA accomplishes this by designing and renovating facilities to enhance the workplace, revitalizing the communities in which they are situated, and representing the highest quality of architectural and urban design.

The Urban Development Program offers a range of technical services provided by GSA associates or outside experts, as necessary. These services include:

  • Review for compliance with laws and Executive Orders
  • Site survey
  • Site location
  • Community survey
  • Design review
  • City/community consults
  • Community and client workshops
  • Charrettes

The Urban Development Program strives to support the community and it goals as we develop our projects.

For more information about the Urban Development Program, please contact Janet Paladino at janet.paladino@gsa.gov or 303-236-2967

Last Reviewed: 2020-09-17