About Green Proving Ground (GPG)

In support of the Biden-Harris Administration’s goal to achieve net-zero emissions, economywide, by 2050 Green Proving Ground, in collaboration with DOE, has released a request for information (RFI) about technologies that will help achieve net-zero carbon buildings. Technologies submitted to the RFI should be early commercial, and ready for evaluation in occupied, operational buildings.

This year’s RFI is focused on emerging technologies that:

  • Improve Operating Efficiency and Promote Healthy Workplaces
  • Enable Whole Building Electrification
  • Facilitate GHG and Carbon Reduction
  • Provide On-site Energy Generation and Storage Systems
  • Deliver Electric Fleet and Load Management Solutions

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The Green Proving Ground program leverages GSA’s real estate portfolio to evaluate innovative building technologies. The program aims to drive down operational costs in federal buildings and help lead market transformation through the deployment of new technologies.

The U.S. government is committed to sustainability and interagency collaboration. Since 2015, GSA has coordinated the GPG program with the Department of Energy to ensure a streamlined process for industry and the greatest value for the U.S. taxpayer.

2017, GREEN PROVING GROUND, GSA drives building performance beyond business-as-usual. Leading by example GPG accelerates market acceptance by assessing innovative buildingtechnologies in real world environments and deploying those that deliver.GPG helps technology bridge the valley of deathand accelerates market acceptance by: Selecting promising technologies at the edgeof commercialization. Piloting technology installations within GSA’s real-estate portfolio.  Partnering with Department of Energy national laboratories to evaluate real-world performance. Identifying technologies with broad deploymentpotential for GSA.  GPG results provide actionable datato enable GSA to make sound investment decisions. 43 published reports. 27 identified technologies.15 deployed technologies.$16M in annual cost avoidance. [PDF - 195 KB]

Last Reviewed: 2022-11-29