Gulf Coast Hurricane Recovery: Vendor Information for Hurricane Relief Efforts

Archived Material on GSA's response to the Hurricane Katrina Support Efforts.

Vendors who are not current holders of GSA Schedule or GWAC contracts:

During times of Natural Disasters, many products and services are needed for relief, clean up and restoration. Vendors that supply products or services that may be needed to support this effort and who wish to be considered as potential sources of supply should contact the Small Business Administration or the Department of Commerce.

Vendors who are already holders of GSA Schedule and GWAC contracts, the Contracting Officers (COs) working with FEMA during the hurricane relief effort are using GSA Advantage!®, and GSA eBuy to source goods and services needed to support relief and restoration efforts associated with Hurricane Katrina.

Additional information and instructions are available at the GSA Vendor Support Center and

Last Reviewed: 2022-09-12