FY 2010 Summary of Performance and Financial Information

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FY 2010 Summary of Performance and Financial Information

GSA Mission and Goals

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) provides office space to more than one million federal employees in more than 9,600 owned or leased buildings, and offers more than 12 million products and services to other federal agencies. This presents a unique opportunity for GSA to provide innovative solutions for its customers and to lead the federal government in sustainable building design and operations and “green” acquisition solutions.

GSA has three strategic goals – Innovation, Customer Intimacy, and Operational Excellence. GSA strives to be an innovation engine for the government, using our perspective and expertise to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions to reduce the environmental impact of the federal government and to eliminate GSA’s carbon footprint. We seek an intimate understanding of our customers to serve them with integrity, creativity, and responsibility. We strive for performance excellence, continuous improvement, and the elimination of waste in operations. For more information on GSA’s sustainability efforts, visit: GSA.gov/sustainability. Additionally, in FY 2010 GSA worked to “open” the federal government (GSA.gov/open) and also met its target of $5 billion in contract awards of American Reinvestment and Recovery Act funds.

GSA connects with the public through social media technologies that enhance communication, collaboration, and information exchange. By openly sharing knowledge, best practices, and lessons learned, GSA provides more effective solutions to enhance excellence in the business of government. Connect with GSA on Facebook.com/gsa, Youtube.com/usgsa, and Twitter.com/usgsa.

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