GSA Performance

2012 Summary of Performance and Financial Information

GSA Performance

In FY 2012, GSA had three strategic goals: GSA will be an innovation engine for the government; GSA will seek an intimate understanding of and resonance with its customers in order to serve with integrity, creativity, and responsibility; and GSA strives for performance excellence, continuous improvement, and the elimination of waste in all of its operations.

In FY 2011, GSA updated its three agency priority goals: Green the Federal Supply Chain, Open Government and Transparency, and Excellence in Solutions Delivery through Customer Portfolio Planning.

These goals identify short-term outcomes that are meaningful to the public and demonstrate progress toward achieving the GSA strategic goals. Each GSA agency priority goal aligns with a GSA strategic goal: Innovation is supported by the Green the Federal Supply Chain goal; Customer Intimacy objectives are reported in the Open Government and Transparency goal; and success in Operational Excellence will be measured, in part, by GSA performance against its goal of Excellence in Solutions Delivery through Customer Portfolio Planning.

For more information about GSA’s FY 2012 performance, see the Performance Section of the FY 2012 AFR, at

Last Reviewed: 2022-11-02