How to Order from MAS Information Technology


Purchases can be made through eBuy and GSA Advantage!, or by issuing an RFI or RFQ and allowing vendors to respond to your requirements.

Generally the ordering process below, shown for illustrative purposes, should be followed. Use the state and local governments ordering procedures if applicable. You should also comply with your organization's acquisition rules.

A. Perform a requirements analysis and then follow the ordering process outlined below. The ordering process may vary based on whether or not a Statement of Work (SOW) is required.

B. Perform market research using the tools below:

  • GSA Advantage!® can help you find technology products and services. Browse the industry partners catalog or their price lists, which will offer details such as delivery area, environmental attributes, and warranties.
  • GSA eLibrary can help you review an industry partner's solicitation, terms and conditions, clauses, socioeconomic status, and EPLS status. It can also help you find a source within a particular geographic location. GSA eLibrary is the official online resource for complete GSA and VA Schedules contract award information.

C. Follow the eBuy template, which will guide you through issuing an RFI or RFQ, and help you submit it to vendors.

D. Evaluate the responses you receive. For an RFI, evaluate to determine if vendors exist to move into an RFQ state. For an RFQ, evaluate the quote. Use GSA eLibrary to investigate the industry partners and research their detailed contract information.

E. Make the award, usually through a paperless contracting systems or other eProcurement tool.

Who Can Order Through MAS Information Technology?

Check your eligibility through the Eligibility to Use GSA Sources of Supply and Services (GSA Order ADM 4800.2G) or the state and local governments page.

Useful Tips and More Ways to Use MAS Information Technology

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-15