Finalize Your Offer

  • Complete all steps in eOffer system
  • Complete and upload required templates
  • Review and submit offer

Keep the following in mind:

Complete, well-documented offers with competitive pricing are easier and faster to review.
Getting a contract does not guarantee your company will receive orders. You still need to market your business -- see the “Sell” section of this guide.

GSA eOffer allows you to complete information, download and upload templates, sign, and submit your completed offer. eOffer often has specific requirements for how information should be entered (character limits, etc.), which can be challenging to work through. To make it easier, you can save your work in the system and return to it. GSA contracting representatives and other staff cannot access your information within eOffer until you submit your offer.

Login to eOffer using your GSA FAS ID.

The eOffer online help center includes screenshots and explanations, if you need additional assistance. If you encounter technical problems, customer service can help.

Review and Negotiate

After you submit your offer via eOffer, it will be assigned to one of our contracting professionals for review. He or she is responsible for ensuring that your company is:

  • responsible
  • capable of delivering the products and services you plan to offer
  • and offers the government buyers the best possible pricing

Work directly with your assigned contracting officer to clarify any questions or issues, correct any errors or inconsistencies, and negotiate pricing or other elements of your offer. Once your assigned contracting officer is done reviewing and evaluating your offer, he or she will notify you on whether your company will receive a Schedule contract.

Use eOffer to modify or add any elements to your offer as you work with the contracting officer. If you receive a contract, you will complete the legally binding signature in eOffer as well.

Last Reviewed: 2023-05-02