Networx Industry Partners

To select a supplier, contracting officers (COs) at federal agencies make a fair opportunity [PDF - 348 KB] decision based on price, past performance, technical requirements, etc. Use the Networx Pricers to compare prices.

The Networx acquisition has predefined service level agreements [PDF - 670 KB] for each service type which lets you know what to expect from suppliers.

Networx Enterprise

Period of Performance by Industry Partner
Provider Contract Number
AT&T GS00T07NSD0041
Lumen GS00T07NSD0040
Level 3 GS00T07NSD0037
Verizon GS00T07NSD0038

Networx Universal

Period of Performance by Industry Partner
Provider Contract Number
AT&T GS00T07NSD0007
CenturyLink GS00T07NSD0002
Verizon GS00T07NSD0008

Networx Pricers

Use the Networx Unit Pricer (explained in the Networx Unit Pricer Briefing [PPT - 2 MB] and the Networx Pricers Brochure [PDF - 256 KB]) to look up specific services and the industry partners who offer them. Under "Choose CLIN," search or browse for contract line item numbers (CLINs).

You can also view the Networx Agency Pricer Access Instructions [DOCX - 55 KB], which describe how to access the Agency Pricer to view 10-year prices. You must fill out the Agreement to Protect Sensitive but Unclassified Government Information [DOCX - 23 KB] to be granted access to the Agency Pricer.

Use the List of Agency Users [XLS - 71 KB] to organize your user information.

For Industry Partners

Industry partner personnel must sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement and Conflict of Interest Form [DOCX - 27 KB] and the Corporate Nondisclosure Form [DOC - 28 KB] and submit them to the Networx CO.

Industry partners requesting additional users should complete the Contractor Networx Hosting Center (NHC) Designated User Form [PDF - 11 KB] and the Contractor NHC IP Address and Certificate Form [PDF - 9 KB].

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Last Reviewed: 2022-04-26