USAccess: Identity, Credentials, and Access Management

USAccess is a shared service that provides Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentialing services and support for federal employees and contractors at established locations throughout the country.

On May 4, 2016, and April 12, 2017, the Office of Management and Budget issued memorandums M-16-11 and M-17-22, which cover the use of shared services and the modernization of IT in the federal government. As a shared service for 110+ federal agencies, the USAccess program offers the opportunity to be a more secure, efficient, and agile organization.

USAccess for Your Agency

Participating agencies can issue HSPD-12 approved credentials (access cards) to employees and contractors. Credentials may be known as PIV, CAC, LincPass, Smart Card, or something else, depending on your agency.

Agencies also receive access to

  • Web-based portals for authorized personnel to manage key activities (activating and managing credentials, enrolling, generating reports, managing applicant appointments, sponsoring)
  • NIST-compliant system infrastructure that provides secure, standards-based enterprise identity management capabilities
  • Simplified, per-credential pricing to help you manage the full lifecycle of a PIV credential without large upfront costs
  • Credentialing units (mobile or fixed) that provide the software and hardware for activations and enrollments

Get started with USAccess.

Find a USAccess Credentialing Center

Employees and contractors of participating agencies can update credentials at USAccess centers across the United States.

In the Washington, DC Metro area and need credentialing services?

Starting November 2020, you can update your credentials at select USPS locations.


USAccess services help agencies comply with HSPD-12 and other ICAM regulation.

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Last Reviewed: 2022-01-13