Electronic Occupancy Agreement (eOA)

Access the eOA on Internet Explorer or Chrome to view your Occupancy Agreement (OA).

The OA records and finalizes the financial terms and conditions for occupying GSA-controlled space (government-owned or leased by GSA). The OA also documents the customer’s requirements to guide decision-making on budget and other issues. Within the eOA, you can:

  • Search OAs within designated Agency Bureau codes (ABCs).
  • Run financial reports.
  • Preview rate calculations on the OA.
  • Preview a merged OA before billing.

Access eOA

Registered users can sign in to view your OA.

New users:

  1. Complete the eOA User Account Request Form [PDF - 122 KB] (use only the ABCs in the list of eOA ABCs [XLS - 126 KB]).
  2. Send the completed form to eoa-support@gsa.gov.
    • The GSA National Application Helpdesk will verify that your request has been processed and all approvals have been granted.
  3. Follow the steps in the verification email to finalize your account.
Last Reviewed: 2021-07-21