Strategic Meetings Management

Federal agencies are always looking for ways to stretch taxpayer dollars. When agencies are asked to look for ways to save, travel is one of the first areas considered. Numerous instructional communications have been released in the last few years directing agencies to minimize travel spend. GSA has a new offering that will help them do just that.

Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) leverages spend and applies standardized, disciplined, agency-wide processes, to reduce meeting costs between 10 - 20 percent, and minimizes contractual risks through an integrated project team of meeting planning specialists, negotiators, and contracting officers. SMM will help the government save time, efficiently contract for meeting needs and and manage the $2 Billion annual expenditure on conferences and meetings.

The key functions of SMM include:

  • Meeting justification and approval;
  • Market research;
  • Negotiation/standardized contracting process;
  • Leveraged hotel sourcing; and
  • Event management to include:
    • Registration; and
    • Attendee surveys/event evaluations

SMM generates:

  • Risk mitigation;
  • Duty of care (through tracking of registered conference attendees); and
  • Comprehensive expense and data reporting capabilities; and more.

Currently, GSA has three SMM contractors:

  • American Express DBA Global Business Travel;
  • CW Government Travel, Inc. (DBA CWTSatoTravel); and
  • Omega World Travel.

These contractors offer SMM services under the Travel Services Solutions Schedule’s New Services Special Item Number 599-99. To learn more about this program and its contractors, review each company’s website or price list via the 599-99 GSA elibrary site, or contact any member of the GSA lodging team.

Last Reviewed: 2021-03-31