City Pair Program (CPP)

The City Pair Program (CPP) was developed to provide discounted air passenger transportation services to federal government travelers. At its inception in 1980, this service covered only 11 markets. The program has since expanded, offering over 12,000 markets in FY22. The two tier fare structure includes a YCA fare and a deeply discounted _CA fare in selected markets.

In addition to offering considerable discounts, the CPP has many features allowing government travelers all the flexibility possible in planning official travel.

The benefits of CPP

  • Fares priced on one-way routes, permitting agencies to plan multiple destinations
  • No advance purchase required
  • No minimum or maximum length stay required
  • Fully refundable tickets
  • Last seat availability (YCA fare)
  • No blackout periods
  • Stable prices enabling travel budgeting
  • Dual fares availability (YCA and _CA fare)

More about CPP

CPP is a mandatory use, government-wide program, designated as a Best-In-Class procurement by OMB, delivering best value airfares and ensuring federal agencies effectively and efficiently meet their mission. By having one government-wide air program, CPP eliminates redundancies helping the federal government save time and money both at the acquisition level and customer fulfillment to deliver data analysis, compliance and manage strategic sourcing to optimize service.

Visit our Baggage Allowance page for weight change information when traveling internationally.

When booking travel, the traveler should use their authorized travel management system, that is, the E-Gov Travel Service for civilian agencies or the Defense Travel System for Department of Defense travelers. If these services are not fully implemented, travelers should use these links for their Travel Agent or Commercial Travel Office.

Last Reviewed: 2022-06-13