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New Study Released, Bidding Deadline Extended for Federal Helium System Assets

Amarillo, Texas – The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) recently received an update from an independent third-party consultant regarding the current Helium and Natural Gas reserves in the Bush Dome (Brown Dolomite and Panhandle formations) as of August 31. This update and other previous studies have been added to the data room and provide more information to potential bidders interested in the sale of the Federal Helium System Assets.

GSA has extended the period for receiving bids for the sale of these assets until January 25, 2024, to allow potential bidders time to evaluate this information, conduct additional due diligence, and prepare sealed bids.

This extension aims to ensure that all potential bidders have the opportunity to fully evaluate the helium and natural gas potential of the Brown Dolomite and Panhandle formations to help make informed competitive bids.

Potential bidders are encouraged to carefully review all available gas analyses and calculations. All previous annual Bureau of Land Management (BLM) field evaluations are provided in the data room for bidders’ reference, including reports from NITEC (2003), Edge (2018), NITEC (2018), Edge (2020), and Edge (2022). Additionally, potential bidders are directed to the newest report, “Unlocking the Helium Vault: An In-Depth Look at Bush Dome Reservoir” by Edge Global Innovation (2023).

For further information visit GSA Auctions.  Potential bidders are advised to visit the Cliffside Helium Systems sale website and register at the virtual data room to access the updated data for the Federal Helium System Assets sale or contact for inquiries regarding the upcoming sale.

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