General Services Administration (GSA) Policy on Worksheet Adjustments

Number: 4210.2A CFO
Status: Active
Signature Date: 06/28/2018
Expiration Date: 06/27/2025


                Washington, DC 20405


CFO 4210.2A

June 28, 2018





SUBJECT:  General Services Administration (GSA) Policy on Worksheet Adjustments (Full PDF Format)


1.  Purpose.  To establish policy for financial statement Worksheet Adjustment requirements, thresholds, and approvals.


2.  Background.  Worksheet Adjustments are often necessary to accurately report general ledger account balances in the financial statements when balances in the automated accounting system of record are incomplete or contain inaccuracies. Specific reasons for Worksheet Adjustments include, but are not limited to, recording transactions caused by timing differences, correcting transactions in a hold status on error reports, reclassifying financial reporting attributes, and reconciling differences.


3.  Scope and applicability.  This policy and the associated procedures apply to the GSA financial statement Worksheet Adjustments effective in the fiscal year issued and thereafter.  The provisions of this policy apply to all GSA Services and Staff Offices (SSOs).


4.  Cancellation CFO 4210.2 General Services Administration (GSA) Policy on Worksheet Adjustments, dated March 26, 2015, is cancelled.