Order of Succession – Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Number: 1080.1 CFO
Status: Active
Signature Date: 05/20/2021
Expiration Date: 05/20/2028

                Washington, DC 20405     


CFO 1080.1
May 20, 2021



SUBJECT:  Order of Succession – Office of the Chief Financial Officer

1.  Purpose. This Order establishes the order of succession for the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, General Services Administration.   

2.  Background. GSA Order ADM 2430.1A, The U.S. General Services Administration Continuity Program, outlines GSA’s continuity requirements, and identifies each GSA component’s responsibilities to ensure resilience and continued performance of GSA’s functions. 

3.  Chief Financial Officer. The following officials are designated to serve as Acting Chief Financial Officer, in the following order of succession, during the absence or incapacity of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Each designee shall act with the full authority and responsibility of the CFO and shall occupy the office of the CFO. In the event that the official designated is not available, the next designated official will act. 

     (1)  Deputy Chief Financial Officer (B)

     (2)  Director, Office of Budget (BB)

     (3)  Director, Office of Financial Management (BG)

     (4)  Director, Office of PBS Financial Services (BR)

     (5)  Director, Office of Analytics, Performance, and Improvement (BI)

     (6)  Director, Office of Audit Management and Accountability (BA)

     (7)  Director, Zone 3 (BR3)

With the exception of the position of Deputy CFO, this order of succession applies to the permanent incumbent of each position rather than to anyone who may be temporarily occupying a position. With regard to anyone serving as Acting Deputy CFO, Section 3.(1) of this Order applies and authorizes that official to assume the position of Acting CFO.

4.  Exercise of Authority. An official serving as Acting CFO shall, in that capacity, exercise all the authorities and perform all the functions of the Office of the CFO.

5.  Signature.


/S/_______________________             May 20, 2021­­­
GERARD BADORREK                           Date                    
Chief Financial Officer