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NCR 2017 Project Management Award Winners



The National Capital Region had 10 projects recognized with top honors for the 2017 PBS Project Management Awards.


Winners: Large Federal Construction

Department of Interior Headquarters: Stewart Lee Udall Building

Project Team:
Eric Albrecht, Bonnie Echoles, Mark Banks, Bassam Hammoudeh, Pradip Patel, Gary Porter,Sharon Feeney, Kristi Tunstall, Nancy Witherell, Wendy Conty, Maggie Harris, Susan Anderson, Eric Liu, Francesco DalMolin, John Morders, Richard Mace, Nina Nguyen, Theophilus Hlovor, Jilayne Willhoite, Ching Hung, Adam Reis, Peter Mangold, Mina Wright, Chrischanda Smith, Nancy Weaver, Beverly Yeargin-Booth, Carole Sneed, Fabin Francis, Eureka Salisbury, Lisa Liu, Joe Dafin, Tiffany Hamlin, Bob Kilday, Larry Cherney, Carla Knode, Frank Palermo, Erin McGee, Michael Kinney, Phil Kost, Tim Turano, Susan Stadsklev, Ron Wood, Tony Alonso


National Deep Energy Retrofit 1 – An Energy Saving Performance Contract (ESPC), Lanham, MD

Project Team:
Tony Lopacki, Richard Hamilton, John Crowley, Ron Allard, Joseph Eberly, Hallie Futterman, Philip Seacrist, Ron Wood, Sharon Conger, Heidi Sawyer, Kinga Porst, Juan Gooch, Denise Avery-Craft, Calvin Myint, Vicki Willmann, Shawn Proctor, Susan Stadsklev, Kathleen Ennen (Retired), Eric Liu


Winners: Lease Projects Below Prospectus

USCIS 5th Service Center Lease Swap, Arlington, VA

Project Team:
Nadiyah Scarlett, Maricarmen Medina, Shontell Battle, Lisa Dortch, Rodney Nichols, Anthony Stewart, Christopher Bobo, Marcus Witowski, Santoni Graham, LaShawn Cambrel-Brock, Monica Sias, TC Hairston, Michael McAvinn, Theresa Singleton, Carter Wormeley, Chris Fraccaro, Lisa Betts, Debra Hart, Arthur James, Tiffany Greason, Edith Toms, Mikhail Petersen, Shanteria Dixon, Darrel Snowden, Mai Nguyen, Ifeoma Ezejiofor, Alice Hollidge


Winners: Small Projects

Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB) State Library Renovation​

Project Team:
Bruce Rink, Kristen Fusselle, David McClees, Stacy Knott, Chris Alvarez, Sharron Bowie

Defense Security Cooperation Agency- Going Mobile

Project Team:
Neil Mahimtura, Rodney Nichols, Jilayne Willhoite


Winners: Multiple Small Projects

Change of Administration: Transition, Inauguration and First 10 days of New Administration

Project Team​:
Alan Zawatsky, Bruce Rink, Lisa Larsen, William Dietz, Tim Bunker, Brian Paukert

Department of Veterans Affairs Health Operations Center; Space Consolidation for Office of Information TEchnology and Office & Planning; Chiller Transformer Replacement​

Project Team:
Charlie Mahjoobi, Glen Rorie, Michael Hines, Bridget Price, Tony Hubbard, Donna Bogle, Tiffany Smoot ​


Winners: Beyond Space Projects

American Red Cross Condominium Purchase

Project Team​:
Nancy Czapek, Edith Toms, Jeffrey Domber, James Smale, Sean McDonald, Santoni Graham, Chris McAleer, Wayne Bradley, Elizabeth Johnson, Marisol Medina, Nancy Witherell, John Wallerstedt, Arvid Gooray, Tracy Parker, Nancy Weaver, Danielle Jones, Rick Baker, Verneka Roberts, Carter Wormeley, Alexis Gray, Sherise Doyle-Brown, Danielle Fortune, Nick Hufford, April Pratt, Craig Hull, Diane Stolz, Peter Johnson, Kelly Holland, Neil Landers, Kevan Fareed, Susan Sylvester, Danielle Felix

Square Guidelines for J. Edgar Hoover Building (Currently FBI)

Project Team:
Nia Francis, Mack Gaither, Aaron Hassinger, Mina Wright, Nancy Witherell, Joan Brierton, Kristi Tunstall

Old Post Office Redevelopment

Project Team:
Brett Banks, Kevin Terry, Edmund Newman, Nancy Witherell, Kristen Fusselle, Laura Doyle, Joe Dafin, Tsabikos Papadimitris, Tim Tozer, Neil Mahimtura, Brandi Henderson, Dawit Zena, Amit Datta, Ron Wood, Philip Seacrist, John Black, Tony Alonso, Mina Wright