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Heartland Courthouse team welcomes Regional Administrator Denise Maes

Group of 7 in business casual attire in Courthouse
Standing (left to right): Josh Trader, David Rumsey, Brian Wohletz sitting (left to right): Lindsey Johnson, Christine Allen, Denise Maes, Rachel Gifford.

On November 1, the Kansas City Field Office hosted Regional Administrator Denise Maes on a tour of the Robert J. Dole U.S. Courthousein Kansas City, Kan.

Maes thanked PBS Management and staff for taking the time to showcase GSA’s property portfolio and noted the important work of the Field Office to manage and maintain not just buildings but also stellar relationships with tenants. 

“It is great to be back in the Heartland,” Maes said. “I enjoyed meeting our team and seeing the dedication they have to their work, which is evident in not just how the properties are maintained, but the relationships with tenants.”

“Lindsey (Johnson) and Christine (Allen) take great pride in keeping things looking good and running smoothly in the building,” Kansas City Field Office Director Brian Wohletz said, adding that it was great to have the opportunity to meet with the Regional Administrator.

Acting Regional Commissioner David Rumsey praised the Dole Courthouse team and the great work on display throughout the tour, writing, “The pride you and your team take in our mission really shows.”

Four women in business casual attire standing in front of painted mural
Left to right: KCFO Supervisor in Management Christine Allen, KCFO Building Manager Lindsey Johnson, KCFO Project Manager Rachel Gifford and Regional Administrator Denise Maes

Maes also took part in a special moment during the tour: a photograph (left) featuring the Kansas Field Office’s first female supervisor in the field office, the first female building management team member, and the first female project manager in the Kansas Field Office.

The photo was taken in front of the painting “Justice and the Prairie” by artist Richard Haas, part of GSA’s Fine Arts

Maes was hosted by Wohletz, Senior Building Manager Christine Allen, Building Management Specialist Lindsey Johnson, Supervisory Project Manager Josh Trader, along with other Kansas City field office and regional management and personnel.