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Computers for Learning Has Positive Impact on Regional Schools and Nonprofits

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The General Services Administration (GSA) is helping to bring much needed computers and information technology (IT) equipment to schools and nonprofits through the federal government's Computers for Learning program.

The Computer for Learning (CFL) program was set up in response to Executive Order to transfer computers that are no longer being used by federal agencies to help support education and essential work in organizations that have fixed or diminished budgets.

GSA’s Region 8 supported the program during fiscal year 2021 by providing Denver-area schools with more than 270 computers.

"Computers have become more indispensable for learning and the Computers for Learning program is an impactful way to contribute to our local communities,” said acting Regional Administrator Penny Grout.  “GSA is proud to sponsor a program that supports quality education while saving taxpayer money."

Fifty of those went to rural Eaton High School last December. Eaton is a small town of about 5,000 people located 55 miles north of Denver. School budgets are notoriously limited and new IT can burden a school district with high costs that would be better spent on more critical things while providing students and faculty the ability to use current technology, especially if schools have to go remote again due to the pandemic.

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“This is a huge deal for us because we are using very outdated technology in all areas,” said Caleb Leonard, Eaton High School IT specialist. “It frees up our resources that we would have spent on laptops to give to our internal infrastructure, purchasing new Chromebooks or to be used for the teachers.”

“This is a way we can put newer devices in our teacher’s hands,” said Billy Johnston, Eaton High School IT specialist. “Having something that works and is reliable is a huge game changer.”

Across the regional footprint, more than 1400 computers, servers and other IT equipment have been distributed to educational institutions or nonprofit organizations from federal agencies across the nation.

The computers are donated for free, the receiving organization only has to pay for shipping or can pick them up locally. The weight of computers can cause shipping to be expensive, it is recommended that organizations coordinate with local federal agencies when looking into getting computers from the CFL program.

GSA has been a part of the program for 20 years helping to provide children in all states greater access to technology and connect to the internet.

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