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Money is Great, People are Greater: Meet your Banker

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Why stand in line at a bank when there’s an ATM around the corner? Why get up from your desk when your online bank account is just a keystroke away? The answers are easy… Barb, Nicole and Aaron.

Meet your bankers! Barb Tumbleson, Nicole Ashley and Aaron Chavez are three folks with a passion for people. They spend their days serving customers at the U.S. Bank branch in Building 41. Take a moment to get to know them and say hello the next time you’re nearby!
Barb is the Branch Manager and interestingly, this is her third career in management. She previously spent 22 years at King Soopers and another several years at Bath and Body Works.  Leading people is in her blood! Barb is deeply passionate about her kids; she has one daughter and two sons  and loves to share in their lives. On the horizon for Barb is a new charity opportunity called Wines for Humanity which combines two of her favorite things. Wine tasting and meeting new people. When asked about her favorite part of her job, she said she loves that it affords her the chance to tangibly help people and make a difference in their lives.  

Nicole just celebrated one year of living in Colorado! She’s originally from Kansas City and found her way to Denver through her love of traveling and the outdoors. She is passionate about all sports, especially basketball. You’ll often see her shooting hoops in the Building 41 basketball court. Nicole is a hard-worker and has another job at Bass Pro (where she learns about guns and a plethora of other outdoor equipment). She loves cars, football (a member of her family coaches for the Huskers!) and all animals. Nicole is very people-centric and loves using her finance degree at U.S. Bank to help people realize that their financial dreams.

Aaron is a man of many interests. Maybe one of the most intriguing is his passion for cigars. He’s an accomplished collector and enjoys researching and discovering new kinds. His personal favorites are Nicaraguan. He and his wife are avid comic book readers/collectors and enjoy spending time with their dogs, Pico (as in “de gallo”) and Chomper (he eats everything in sight!) and cat, Boba. Aaron just finished fostering several goats. Not only did he enjoy providing a healthy home for them, he also loved that they acted as built-in lawn mowers! This summer, Aaron plans to go on a few road trips including one to Questa, New Mexico. Aaron likes that his job requires him to visit other buildings on the DFC campus because he gets to meet new people.

Image of three us bank employees

From left to right: Aaron Chavez, Barb Tumbleson, and Nicole Ashley