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Region 8 Named One of Denver Post’s Top Workplaces

2019 Top Workplaces Denver Post logo

The Rocky Mountain Region was named one of Colorado’s Top Workplaces in a special section announcement of the Denver Post on May 5 that recognized public, private, nonprofit and governmental organizations.

Out of 2,110 employers in the state invited to participate, only 150 companies made this year’s list in three separate categories; large, mid and small.  GSA’s Region 8 made the list in the mid category, which is designated as having between 150 and 499 employees, coming in 26th out of 50 organizations. 

The ranking comes from an employee survey that looked at several aspects of workplace culture including alignment of goals, employee connection, efficiency, focus on employee concerns, engagement and leadership.

“This survey provided us with good information about where we stand in terms of our culture and engagement in the organization,” said Tim Horne, acting regional administrator for GSA’s Region 8.  “In comparing the type of companies in our category that are similar to us, none has the breadth of mission we do.”

The survey was conducted by Energage that specializes in workplace studies.  Their research shows that organizations that earn this award typically attract better talent, experience lower turnover and are better equipped to deliver bottom line results, according to their website.

The drive to use this survey as opposed to the Employee Viewpoint Survey by the Office of Personnel Management is this one provided verbatim comments that make it more constructive and a better gauge of employee feedback.

The Denver Post survey was conducted in January with 241 Region 8 associates responding, an impressive 77 percent of the population surveyed.

Another stat that jumped out was that 86 percent of respondents said they would highly recommend GSA Region 8 as a great place to work, typically 50 percent is considered a good score.

“We talk a lot about the culture of the organization to express appreciation for the work everybody does,” said Horne. “Participating in this survey allowed us to get more information about the positive work environment that exists in Region 8.”

This is the eighth year the Denver Post has hosted this award and the first time GSA Region 8 has received this honor. To visit the site go to