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Region 8 PBS Team Unshaken by Utah Earthquake

By: Brenda Armijo 

On the early morning of March 18, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake occurred near Salt Lake City, UT with several aftershocks. Already dealing with COVID-19 concerns, the GSA's Utah Field Office acted quickly to begin recovery efforts. Seven GSA owned federal buildings were closed as well as many leased facilities in order to access seismic and flood damages. Agencies in five leased facilities requested assistance in ensuring their office space was safe for employees to return.

Within 48 hours all federal and leased properties were reopened and structural reports were completed, sent and posted at building entrances. The assessment team utilized technology to rapidly meet with tenants and access flood damages on the spot. 

The Rocky Mountain Region Leadership received numerous emails from customers praising the Utah team’s recovery efforts, including the U.S. District Court. “They could not have done a more incredible job” said Acting PBS Regional Commissioner, Tanisha Harrison. Additionally, the team was recognized by both the GSA Administrator and PBS Commissioner’s respective offices.

A big thank you to the Utah team!

Sherry Blaize
Patrick Insley
Andrew Lenz
Ross May
Lionel Montoya