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Get To Know Your Barista!

Image of Building 41 DFC Einstein Staff

You barely slept, there was a traffic jam on the highway and when you finally made it to the office, there wasn’t a parking spot to be found. But thankfully, there’s a silver lining… a hot cup of coffee and a warm bagel. The folks at Scotty’s Einstein’s Bagels in Building 41 on the Denver Federal Center serve up caffeinated goodness every morning. Here are a few interesting tidbits about your favorite baristas…. strike up a conversation next time you visit them for your coffee fix!

Mark is currently a student at CU Denver taking computer science classes. While he really enjoys computer programming, his true dream job would be directing movies like one of his favorites, Quentin Tarantino.

Cathy is a Shoshone Native American and enjoys traditional beading and jewelry making in her free time. She likes the idea of learning the native Shoshone language someday. She is also a talented wreath maker – Broncos colors and decorations included!

Shayla once spent a month in Thailand – volunteering at an elephant sanctuary, refugee camps and teaching English. She even ate honey covered grasshoppers! Locally, her dream is to open a mixed-use community live/work space, complete with a garden and parks.

Elora would love to visit Norway someday. While in school, she took an ancestry class and discovered that all her ancestors are from Norway. She also loves spending time outdoors – she is an active snowboarder and hiker.

Sandra has two dogs that she loves to play with - a Shih Tzu named "Mya" and a Poodle Terrier mix named "Buddy." Her pups also act as doggy alarm clocks to get her out of bed in time for an early start at work! Sandra’s dream vacation would be to Bora Bora staying in an overwater bungalow “hut” just relaxing the day away.

Scotty enjoys playing around with electronics when he’s not at work. He used to be a professional DJ and still likes to play guitar and spin vinyl. One day, he’d like to visit the WWII and USS Arizona memorials in Hawaii.