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Smartphones Make Managing Easier

Building Manager Patrick Halliday
Building Manager Patrick Halliday

Building managers in downtown Denver, and across Region 8, rely on technology to monitor and be responsive to tenant needs within our federal buildings.

Patrick Halliday, building manager for both the Alfred Arraj U.S. Courthouse and Byron Rogers U.S. Courthouse, knows the most powerful technology he has can fit in his hand.

“To be completely honest, I couldn't do my job without a cell phone,” said Halliday. “Emails, calls, flash light, calculator, camera, measuring tape and notepad all in one.”

Halliday stated customer service is key to developing and promoting positive working relationships with tenants, so being able to react quickly and be physically present to identify or diagnose problems is important. He cannot do that from behind a computer in the office, his phone provides him with the right tools while onsite. 

Building managers use Maximo, the National Computerized Mechanical Maintenance System, to input and track service requests, work orders, repairs, predictive and preventive maintenance. This system is good but building managers have had to write information on slips of paper and input it into the system later.

A new app for cell phones makes the Maximo process not only simpler but quicker and more efficient as building managers can identify problems on site and immediately put in work orders to fix them or inspect them upon completion.

“I use Maximo a few times a week to check on work orders that I've put in. You can look up the status of where each work order is within the system,” said Halliday.  “I think the Maximo app

Stock photo with Maximo app

has the most potential to change the way Building Managers perform their work. It helps us stay up to date on what/how/when our service contracts are performing their work.”

In fact, smartphones serve as a mobile workstation for building managers. It allows them to stay connected to every operational or security aspect going on in the building, no matter what time of day.

“I actually get calls or texts about almost everything happening in my buildings between the Building Automation System notifications, alarm monitoring calls for fire and life safety equipment,” Halliday stated. “Sometimes, often in the middle of the night, I will get security notifications from the Federal Protective Service and U.S. Marshals Service as well.”

Smartphones have become deeply integrated into everything we do at GSA but are the most indispensable piece of equipment for building managers.