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Date News Release Article
11/17/2023 PRESS RELEASE: GSA exercises $2.5 million for Construction Management and Commissioning Services contract for new construction for Land Port of Entry in Dunseith, North Dakota
11/07/2023 PRESS RELEASE: Mansfield Federal Building slated to receive $8 million in funding for low-embodied materials through the Inflation Reduction Act
11/07/2023 PRESS RELEASE: GSA to support $10 million for Bennett Federal Building upgrades funded by the Inflation Reduction Act
11/07/2023 PRESS RELEASE: Denver Federal Center slated to receive $33 million for low-carbon materials through the Inflation Reduction Act
11/02/2023 PRESS RELEASE: General Services Administration to Assess Impacts of Proposed Energy Conservation Measures at the Denver Federal Center
10/25/2023 "Other duties as assigned" takes on new meaning for Coloradan property manager
10/19/2023 National recognition for historic flag raising
09/06/2023 Supporting bees on the Denver Federal Center
07/26/2023 Tanya Burks is "building a giving society"
06/09/2023 The Pride Flag Flies over the Denver Federal Center
05/08/2023 Landmark Signing Moves Denver Federal Center Closer to Net Zero
05/05/2023 Principled Approach to Sustainable Buildings
05/05/2023 The DFC Campus: Working Towards Net Zero
04/18/2023 Tour de Moss
04/10/2023 Press Release: GSA Sells Vacant Parcel at the Denver Federal Center
02/28/2023 The Legacy of Civil Case 3113
02/15/2023 A Historic Flag Raising During Black History Month
02/13/2023 PRESS RELEASE: GSA Releases Dunseith Land Port of Entry Modernization Project Final EA and FONSI
01/19/2023 PRESS RELEASE: GSA Announces $79 million from Inflation Reduction Act for New, More Sustainable FDA Lab in Denver