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After 50-Plus Years, GSA Northwest/Arctic Regional Headquarters Leaving Auburn

Picture of the Columbia Bank Center (CBC) - Tacoma WA

TACOMA, WA -- The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) today announced its Region 10 headquarters will be relocated here the summer of 2021.

The Northwest/Arctic Region headquarters will move its operations to the Columbia Bank Center, 1301 A Street.

The current GSA Regional Office Building is located within the Auburn Federal Complex on 15th Street, SW, Auburn, WA. It has been located there since it was built in 1964.
“Our mission is providing effective workplace solutions for the federal government, including our own agency,” said Chaun Benjamin, Acting Regional Administrator.  “This move allows us to bring savings to the American taxpayers and provide our team with the right space to continue meeting our mission.” 

For more information about the Northwest/Arctic Region visit: www.gsa.gov/r10