Heartland Region Art in Architecture Program

Where appropriate, fine art has been integrated in designs of federal buildings since 1963 when President Kennedy’s Ad Hoc Committee on Federal Office Space recommended it.

The process of commissioning art for GSA federal buildings involves:

  • Review of appropriate artists’ portfolios submitted to GSA.
  • Committee meetings with GSA staff, a tenant agency representative, a project architect, a representative of a local arts administrator and a nationally known arts administrator.
  • Review and approval of selected artists’ preliminary and final concepts.
  • Overseeing the fabrication, installation and maintenance plans the artists provide.

The project architects work closely with selected artists. Once artwork is installed, it becomes part of the GSA Fine Arts Program. GSA works with art conservators to maintain and care for the artwork in our buildings.

Learn more about GSA's fine arts collection

Artists who want to be considered for Art in Architecture commissions

For more information or help, contact sylvia.augustus@gsa.gov.

Last Reviewed: 2023-02-17