Local Travel Policy

Number: 5770.1A OAS
Status: Active
Signature Date: 11/05/2020
Expiration Date: 11/05/2027

1.  Purpose. This directive provides guidance on the reimbursement of transportation expenses incurred on official business within the local area of an employee’s official worksite/duty station or appropriate alternative worksite. While the Federal Travel Regulation regulates expense reimbursement for temporary duty travel away from the official station for GSA employees, it does not provide guidance for local travel expense reimbursement.

2.  Scope and Applicability

     a.  This directive applies to all GSA organizations, programs, and personnel, including all Services, Staff Offices, and Regions. This Order applies to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to the extent that the OIG determines it is consistent with the OIG’s independent authority under the Inspector General Act and does not conflict with other OIG policies or the OIG mission. This Order applies to The Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA) to the extent that the CBCA determines it is consistent with the CBCA’s independent authority under the Contract Disputes Act and applicable Federal Court decisions and does not conflict with other CBCA policies or its mission.

     b.  Non-GSA employees who perform local travel at the request of GSA may be reimbursed as provided by their contract or inter- and intra-Government agreement, as applicable. Reimbursement to non-GSA employees will be processed through the financial system, not the E-Gov Travel Service 2 (ETS2).

3.  Cancellation. This directive cancels and supersedes OAS 5770.1, Local Travel.

4.  Responsibilities. The Office of Travel and Charge Card Services, Office of Administrative Services (OAS) develops local travel policy for GSA employees. Regional offices may supplement this policy, but regional policy may not change or conflict with official policy. Regional policy must be cleared by the Office of Travel and Charge Card Services.

5.  Revisions. The following changes have been made to the Order:

     a.  All references to “HCO 6040.1A, GSA Mobility and Telework Policy” have been changed to “HRM 6040.1A, GSA Workforce Mobility and Telework Policy.”

     b.  All references to “OAS 4200.1A, Management and Use of the GSA SmartPay® Purchase Card” have been changed to “OAS 4200.1B CHGE 1, Management and Use of the GSA SmartPay® Purchase Card.”

     c. All references to “Government contractor-issued travel charge card” have been changed to “GSA travel card”

     d. Paragraph 6 has been revised to spell out the requirement for employees to obtain their authorizing official’s approval prior to incurring local travel expenses.

     e. Paragraph 9 has been revised to add guidance regarding which modes of local travel should be considered more advantageous to the Government in relation to other modes.

     f. Paragraph 9.d. has been revised to include transportation network companies (TNCs) and innovative mobility technology companies (IMTCs) as authorized methods of transportation for local travel.

     g.  Paragraph 9.d. has been revised to increase the maximum allowable tip to 20% of the method of transportation’s fare.

     h. Paragraph 11.f.  has been revised to add guidance requiring justifications in the comments section of local vouchers involving claims for mileage and claims involving use of a taxicab, TNC, or IMTC.

     i. Appendix A: Glossary of Terms has been added.

     j. “Appendix: Local Travel Scenarios” has been changed to “Appendix B: Local Travel Scenarios”.