Safeguarding Assets

Government operations are facing climate-related risks and extreme weather today. In fact, these risks are a “high risk” according the Government Accountability Office’s High Risk List. Extreme weather incidents and changing trends damage facilities and equipment, disrupt communications networks and transportation routes needed to deliver supplies and services, and increase energy and water costs. Prevention and management of these risks is essential to ensure the Federal mission today and over the service life of Federal investments.

GSA is instrumental in helping its Federal customers safeguard Federal assets and manage this crosscutting fiscal and mission risk over the asset service life. We are integrating these practices to reduce risks and bolster life safety, public safety, and public health and to reduce costly emergency incident responses. Addressing these risks includes identifying mission-critical facilities, products, and services, and developing the risk management timing and response. These activities are undertaken to ensure reliable performance of mission and operations in changing conditions.

The following resources provide more information.

Resource Description
Climate Change Risk Management Plan GSA’s most recent plan to maintain mission continuity and secure federal assets in the face of both acute and chronic climatic risks.
SFTool: Enhancing Resilience Information on federal mandates requiring agencies to safeguard their assets to enhance resilience to climatic risks, with step by step guidance on how to fulfill these mandates.

Last Reviewed: 2021-10-13