Construction Excellence

Center for Construction Excellence banner, within ODC Office of Project Delivery


The GSA Construction Excellence Program provides national leadership and strategic direction to better serve GSA’s workforce, customers and programs through the development of policy, guidance, tools, peer reviews, audits, risk management, innovation and technology for project delivery of all types. These efforts are assisted by the collaboration with industry partners and leaders of the private sector construction and academic community. This close partnership allows for the development and implementation of innovative approaches to project management and execution to provide the federal government and client agencies the highest quality construction within budget and schedule. The program seeks opportunities for improving the overall project delivery process by identifying trends and national issues that have bearing on the way the Government builds, and has adopted new or revised approaches within three broad categories:

  • Business Practices
    • Selection of most appropriate delivery system
    • Early and continued engagement of tenant agencies
    • Leverage expertise of industry peers for project reviews
    • Simplify construction documents
    • Specialized training for GSA personnel
    • Partner with industry organizations to take advantage of industry research and to benchmark with the construction community
    • Recognize high quality construction through GSA Construction Excellence Awards
    • Document and utilize Best Practices / Lessons Learned
  • Management and Cost Control
    • Consistent use of a single project management information system
    • Incorporate formal team partnering sessions
    • Develop 3rd party estimates
    • Assign the right resources, experience level and staffing numbers, as appropriate to the project type and complexity
    • Conduct PDRIs (Project Definition Rating Index)
    • Apply risk management controls | Use of a Risk Register
  • Procurement Methodologies
    • Select the construction contractor based on best value approach
    • Enhance outreach to small business, small disadvantaged businesses, and women-owned businesses through workshops and special programs

Last Reviewed: 2023-01-30