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R10 Fine Arts Series

In the heart of Region 10 HEADER logo with quote: “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” — Pablo Picasso
Take a Journey to the Nation's Unlikeliest Museums: Our Federal Buildings. GSA’s Northwest/Arctic Region encompasses a stunning

Think Art Curators Only Exist in Museums?
Meet GSA’s Virginia Matthews, Caretaker of Masterpieces

Story by: Lauren Isaksen, Communications Specialist    |    Layout by: Cynthia Henry, Graphic Designer
Photos of Leaf art by: 
Carol Highsmith    |    Photos of Stare Decisis and Life, Liberty, and Pursuit by: Joshua Jalbert

View a pdf [PDF - 1 MB] of the full story.

Additional Resources

• National Arts and Humanities month   |  Leaf    | Stare Decisis   |  Life   |  Liberty  |  Pursuit  |   Wayne Lyman Morse U.S. Courthouse [PDF - 333 KB]