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GSA's Rocky Mountain Region Public Affairs Office, located in Denver, issues media releases and advisories to provide the public with important information on GSA projects and activities within the six states of Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

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  • Byron Building front parking road

    Managing through Chaos

    The unsung heroes for Region 8 have unquestionably been our building managers who have been on the front line through a tumultuous year.

    For these professionals, like Temesgen "Taz" Wolday and Adam Rankin, normal meant interfacing with tenants and solving a myriad of building-related issues such as building operations, maintenance, repair, alteration, historic preservation, recycling, concessions, safety, environmental and security. This year, it has involved much more. Read more>>

  • quiet professionals cell phone app

    Smartphones Make Managing Easier

    Building managers in downtown Denver, and across Region 8, rely on technology to monitor and be responsive to tenant needs within our federal buildings. Patrick Halliday, building manager for both the Alfred Arraj U.S. Courthouse and Byron Rogers U.S. Courthouse, knows the most powerful technology he has can fit in his hand. Read more>>

  • Headshot of Matt Ocana wearing a blue shirt and blue tie with yellow stripes against a brick wall

    GSA's Trusted Advisors

    The Federal Acquisition Service's mission is to procure goods and services for the government and building relationships is key when developing solutions for clients.

    Regional Customer Service Directors (CSD), like Matt Ocaña, match customer needs with external business partners through market research or conducting project scope reviews. Read more>>

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  • B56 Innovation Graphic

    Partners in Innovation–Denver Federal Center’s DC Microgrid Project

    When it comes to energy conservation, GSA Region 8 is a pioneer. Among its many energy-related measures are a photovoltaic array at the Denver Federal Center (DFC) that provides 22% of the DFC’s power, electric vehicle charging stations, neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV), and lighting that complies with the International Dark-Sky Association standards. Read More>>

  • We are green pest control hawk

    GSA Region 8 Finds Creative Solution to Pest Problem

    The Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Vatican. Iconic landmarks like these are known for many things. Rats, termites, cockroaches, bats.

    Probably not what you were thinking, right? Pests are something all property owners have to deal with and many famous buildings have made headlines because of a pest problem or infestation. Read more>>

  • We are green R8 solar panels

    Renewable Energy Not New to Region 8

    The Rocky Mountain Region has been a leader in sustainability and renewable energy for more than a decade. Since 2007, solar and wind energy have provided a significant portion of the electricity for federal buildings and enabled GSA to earn around $400 thousand annually in credits that are sold back to the utility energy companies across the region. Read more>>

  • R8 We are green charging station

    Charging Ahead

    President Biden has made outfitting the federal government fleet with electric vehicles one of his administration's top priorities after issuing an Executive Order (EO) in late January. Electric vehicles are clean and zero-emission, which helps the environment, but they require an infrastructure of charging stations that can keep those cars operational. The Denver Federal Center (DFC) is already poised to support that effort because there are currently 11 electric vehicle charging stations installed around the campus. Read more>>

  • R8 We are green dark sky

    Not Blinded by the Light

    The Denver Federal Center (DFC) has more than 40 buildings and a large street network on its approximately one-mile square campus that all have some sort of exterior lighting. While there is a large concentration of lighting fixtures, light pollution is not an issue thanks to the DFC being in compliance with what is known as Dark Sky. Implementing the Dark Sky compliance standards on the DFC is Michael Golenda, building management specialist on the DFC Roads and Grounds team. Read More>>

Last Reviewed: 2023-02-13