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Modernizing eRulemaking: Testing reCAPTCHA, Beta Redirects

| Office of Government-wide Policy
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GSA plans to test reCAPTCHA, beginning July 22, 2020, on the site.  reCAPTCHA is part of ongoing efforts to support the integrity of the rulemaking process and manage the role of software-generated comments. reCAPTCHA is a proven tool to ensure that comments are submitted by real people. Note that commenters always have the option to submit comments anonymously. See the Beta FAQs for additional information.

On July 23, 2020, users will be automatically redirected to a modernized version of Redirects will be gradually increased over time.The goal is to increase exposure to the new site and encourage input on the design. Any comments regarding this modernized version should be sent to

The modernized beta site is an update to the classic This includes enhanced search capabilities, a simplified commenting process, and a brand new design to improve user experience in public commenting on multiple devices. The beta version is operating in parallel with classic until the new site is completed. 

The existing site is planned to be formally decommissioned in October 2020 and replaced with the modernized version that is currently available at

To offer the public a preview of future eRulemaking systems and its suite of new functionalities, GSA has been testing automatic redirects for guiding users to during specified periods. A highlight of newly added functions is reCAPTCHA, which is a human verification tool from Google. It does not require users to certify their identity. Users can always submit anonymous comments.

The eRulemaking program has learned valuable lessons and resolved issues from past redirects thanks to user feedback. We have extensively tested reCAPTCHA for federal compliance requirements, including requirements for assistive technology, before implementing it on Moreover, we have appended Beta FAQs with commonly asked questions as well as anticipated ones. The helpdesk can always be reached through the support function or a phone call: 1-877-378-5457 (toll free) or 703-454-9859 (locally) during business hours. Again, GSA encourages the public to continue to use the website and offer us your feedback through the "Feedback" button.

There will not be any changes or impact to the back end process among the systems. GSA will continue to support the public and agency users as usual.