Sales of GSA Fleet Vehicles

GSA Fleet leases non-tactical vehicles to other federal agencies. When a vehicle meets its replacement criteria as determined by GSA Fleet, it is offered to the public for sale. Every year, 30,000+ vehicles are sold at auction.

Auction inventory varies at each sale, but usually includes multiple vehicle types with varying fuel capabilities. Auction inventories may include:

Vehicle Types

  • Sedans
  • Station wagons
  • Sport utility vehicles (SUVs)
  • Vans
  • Pickup trucks
  • Buses
  • Ambulances
  • Medium and heavy duty trucks
  • Law enforcement vehicles
  • Specialty equipment (trailers)

Fuel Types

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs)
  • Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs)
  • Electric vehicles (EVs)
  • Low speed electric vehicles (LSEVs)
  • Non-powered vehicles (trailers)

To learn more, visit GSA Fleet Auto Auctions.

Last Reviewed: 2022-07-05