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Series Name Description
Other Series Not Numbered - Miscellaneous
1000 Series General
Acquisition of Real Property
Art Acquisition, Maintenance and Loans
Archives, Records, and Paperwork
Office Automation
2000 Series Auditing
Automated Information Systems/Information Technology
Civil Rights
Emergency Preparedness
Contracting and Procurement
Supply Operations
3000 Series Design and Construction
4000 Series Surplus and Disposal
Finance and Budget
Inspection, Testing, and Quality Control
Inventory Management Storage Operations, and Distribution
5000 Series Laws and Legal Matters
Machine Tools and Industrial Equipment
Motor Equipment
General Services Administration Travel Policy
Operation of Real Property
6000 Series Attendance and Leave
7000 Series Space and Site Management
Traffic Management
Traffic Operations
Office Services
Utilization of Property
General Services Administration Property Management Regulations (GSPMR)
8000 Series Value Management
9000 Series OPM Regulations
General Personnel Provisions
Employment (General)
Employee Performance and Utilization
Position Classification, Pay and Allowances
Personnel Relations and Service (General)
Insurance and Annuities
Miscellaneous Personnel Provisions
10000 Series Guidance