Directives for Office of General Counsel

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Number Title Date Outdated
1080.2 OGC Order of Succession – Office of the General Counsel 01/04/2023 01/03/2030
5000.4B ADM Office of General Counsel Legal Review 11/14/2014 07/31/2024
5050.1A CSL P (Extended) Using Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques 03/23/2005 07/31/2024
5050.2A CSL (Revalidated) Service of Process on GSA Employees Sued in Their Individual Work-related Capacities 07/17/2000 07/31/2024
5090.1A CHGE 1 Purchase of Promotional or Memento Items 10/01/2021 10/01/2028
5450.161 ADM Freedom of Information Act Delegation of Authority 11/16/2012
7800.11A ADM Personal Use of Agency Office Equipment 10/16/2008 07/31/2024