Energy & Water

In fiscal year 2019, Federal facilities used 316 trillion Btu of energy and 122 billion gallons of water. OFHPGB works closely with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program and other agencies and partners to pilot and promote innovative energy and water saving practices – meeting the requirements of Federal statutes and Executive Orders while saving millions of dollars of taxpayer money.

The following resources provide more information.

Resource Description
Submetering Business Case [PDF - 346 KB] This document discusses the financial implications of using submetering as a means of energy cost management and reduction in federal facilities or commercial leased buildings
What type of submetering is right for me? [PDF - 169 KB] This simple guide allows you to compare the strengths and limitations of available low-to-moderate cost submeter types so you can match tool capabilities to your project goals.
SFTool: Submetering An overview of issues and benefits associated with building energy and water submetering.
SFTool: Submetering Wizard An interactive tool to help users explore benefits of different approaches to submetering building electricity, gas and water use.
Leased Asset Energy and GHG Reporting Interpretive Guidance [PDF - 750 KB] A practical set of guidelines and best practices for agencies developing their own energy management policies and processes for leasing, energy metering and estimation, and GHG and sustainability reporting.
Deep Energy Retrofits
Resource Description
Deep Energy Retrofits Using Energy Savings Performance Contracts: Success Stories [PDF - 6 MB] This report showcases eight case studies that highlight best practices in federal ESPCs.
Deep Energy Retrofits in GSA Buildings: Charrette Report #2 [PDF] Report from the second workshop of GSA, the Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Defense (DOD), Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and energy service companies (ESCOs) on progress toward achieving GSA’s national deep energy retrofit goals.
Energy Savings from GSA’s National Deep Energy Retrofit Program [PDF - 642 KB] This report analyzes data on energy savings from the ten NDER projects, and compares them with the savings of a sample of other recently awarded Federal ESPC projects.
GSA Net Zero Renovation Challenge Charrette [PDF] Report from the first workshop of GSA, DOE, DOD, RMI and ESCOs to identify improvements to energy savings performance contract (ESPC) processes to achieve significantly deeper savings from energy retrofit projects.
Plug Load Management
Resource Description
Plug Load Nuggets Seven plug load management tips - best practices and strategies in brief.
Plug Load FAQs Questions and answers on efficient plug load management.
Plug Load Checklist [PDF - 98 KB] This checklist is intended to assist an integrated team in developing and implementing a plug load reduction program.
Plug Load Research Review Summary [PDF - 282 KB] A literature review summarizing the findings of 11 major studies on plug load energy use and efficiency approaches.
SFTool: Plug Loads A summary of information about building plug loads, with links to many additional resources.
Resource Description
Indoor Water Conservation Tips [PDF - 3 MB] A compilation of best practices to significantly reduce water use of office plumbing fixtures, based on an extensive review of current studies.
Water Conservation Synthesis Report [DOCX - 117 KB] A literature review of current research on water conservation practices.
SFTool: Water Efficiency A collection of links for more information on a wide range of water efficient technologies and strategies.
SFTool: Water System Overview A broad summary of issues pertaining to building water use, including financial, behavioral, regulatory, case studies, and more.
Resource Description
Continuous Retuning [PDF - 1 MB] A summary including best practices, case studies and references about continuous returning, a protocol to identify and implement low-cost and no-cost operations and maintenance measures to increase energy efficiency.
Strategies to Achieve Net Zero Energy: The Fort Carson Energy Research Project To help the Army and Fort Carson achieve their net zero energy goals, GSA partnered with them, the Department of Energy and two National Labs to conduct research on topics including building envelope design, lighting, retrofit, and energy use behavior. This web page summarizes the project’s research findings.
SFTool: Cost Effective Upgrades A tool to help users identify which energy conservation measures could be most cost-effective based on the size and location of their buildings.
SFTool: Energy & Atmosphere A comprehensive guide to building energy topics with links to numerous resources.
SFTool: HVAC An overview of heating, ventilation and air conditioning system issues with definitions and links to many additional resources.
SFTool: Lighting An overview of building lighting issues, with definitions, links and tips for higher performance.
SFTool: Net Zero Energy A broad discussion of the concept of Net Zero Energy (aka Zero Energy) Buildings, including case studies and additional resources.
Last Reviewed: 2023-04-25