Agency Fleet Manager Information

Agency Contact Name Email Id
Architect of the Capitol Makwakwa, Henry
US Agency for Global Media Evans, David
Consumer Services and Offender Supervision Agency Stegman, Wikita
Consumer Product Safety Commission Windson, Cary
Defense Contract Management Agency Ortega, Nat
Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency Hawkins, Dwayne
Defense Logistics Agency Holt, Robert
Department of Agriculture Berklacy, Scott
Department of Air Force Butler, Alex
Department of Army Spann, Gregory
Department of Commerce Stewart, Darrell
Department of Defense Sims, Deric
Department of Education Rapley, Deneen
Department of Energy Robles, Ben
Department of Health and Human Services Ruderman, Lori
Department of Homeland Security Chisolm, Dionne
Department of Homeland Security Cardona, Fabian
Department of Housing and Urban Development Masikip, Casimiro
Department of Interior Cooper, Angela
Department of Justice Sassok, Evie
Department of Labor Rogers, Ron
Department of Navy Walter, Elizabeth
Department of State Carrion Rodriguez, Jesus
Department of State (Overseas) Quispe, Jesus "Q"
Department of Transportation Tumblin, Eugene
Department of Treasury Smith, Phyllis
Department of Veteran's Affairs Jackson, David
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Croom, Darren
Environmental Protection Agency Metoyer, Bryford
Export Import Bank of the United States Dorsey, Kevin
Federal Communications Commission Zenter, John
Federal Trade Commission Roeller, Russ
General Services Administration McKenna, Maureen
Library of Congress Burnette, Robert
Missile Defense Agency Mar, Cris
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Currie, Tim
National Archives and Records Administration Banks, Charles
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Greenwood, Carol
Office of Personnel Management Carr, Michael
Small Business Administration Levenberry, Andrea
Smithsonian Institution Vaughan, Cargie
Social Security Administration Adams, Curtis
Tennessee Valley Authority Stanfield, Nathan
U. S. Agency for International Development McKenna, Wayne R.
U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Flournoy, Curtis
U. S. Coast Guard Duren, Michael
U. S. Marine Corps Gough, James
U. S. Peace Corps transportation@
U. S. Postal Service Glass, Justin

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Last Reviewed: 2022-11-29