Occupancy Agreement Space Inventory System (OASIS)

With a tenatitve launch date of April 2023, Public Buildings Service will transition from our current occupancy Agreement tool (OATool/eOA) to a new OA application - the Occupancy Agreement and Space Inventory System (OASIS).

The information and resources on this page will assist PBS customers in preparing for a seamless transition to the new system.

Immediate Changes to GSA Processes for Occupancy Agreements

OASIS will provide a more efficient and effective way for you to manage your OAs, but there will be changes associated with the transition. Starting immediately, for occupancies effective in the second half of FY24, we will no longer be providing Draft OAs at finalization of strategic requirements. Strategic requirements and a project's initial financial information will be provided through a completed Client Project Agreement (CPA) around 30 months prior to occupancy effective date for non-prospectus projects (around 12-18 months prior to OMB submission for prospectus projects). You will still receive a Draft OA for signature shortly before contract award.

The CPA includes similar financial information as the OA, but a much more detailed identification of the project parameters. You can review the CPA here; the financial information is captured in Part 2, section h.

OASIS Benefits

OASIS offers many benefits to customers, including:

  • A concise and easy to read OA
  • Three open fields at the OA level for customer use, e.g., for internal tracking numbers, organization codes/regions, notes, etc.
  • Self-service features such as downloading OAs and associated assignment drawings (where available)
  • Electronic approval of OAs within the system
  • OA status tracking and reporting; notifications and summaries to organize actions
  • Space release request submissions and release of space status tracking/reporting
  • Billing question submissions and tracking

Information Sessions, Training, and Resources

The OASIS transition team will host multiple information sessions regarding changes in OA policy and process, as well as training sessions on using the new OASIS system.

You may review resources from past information sessions and trainings including:

Policy and Process Changes for Occupancy Agreements

Last Reviewed: 2022-05-26