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The Thomas Jefferson High School JROTC Color Guard posted the five service flags during the ceremony. R8 2019 Veteran Program
Nov 08, 2019: 
Photos from the R8 Veteran Program
Broken dry chiller on roof of Anchorage Federal Building R10 Anchorage Alaska Dry Chiller Project
Oct 09, 2019: 
A row of 12 dignitaries hold shovels with dirt under a ceremonial tent outdoors on a job site. New Des Moines U.S. Courthouse groundbreaking ceremony
Aug 29, 2019: 
Dignitaries gathered Aug. 28, 2019, to break ground on a construction project for a new Des Moines U.S. Courthouse to meet the federal Judiciary’s current and long-term housing needs for the Southern District of Iowa. The $136.6 million project is slated for completion in fall 2022. Photos by Gretchen Jabben
Setting the elevator shaft, beginning of building framing, c. 1963. O'Neill Federal Building History Gallery
Jun 19, 2019: 
View of the newly renovated glass facade and public plaza fronting C Street. O'Neill Building Architecture Gallery
Jun 19, 2019: 
Rendering of East Locust Street and riverfront sides New Des Moines U.S. Courthouse design concept renderings
May 23, 2019: 
SSA National Computer Center renovation. Main Entrance photo Former SSA National Computer Center
Apr 16, 2019: 
GSA completed the renovation of new office space at the Social Security Administration (SSA) Headquarters Campus in Woodlawn, Maryland. This five-story facility served as SSA’s dedicated data center since 1980 with the third floor previously housing the National Computer Center (NCC).
Interior space in the USDA Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building R8 USDA Consolidation Project
Apr 10, 2019: 
Newly designed space at the Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building
EPA Project Team Group Photo EPA Project Downtown Denver
Apr 03, 2019: 
Facade of the Hamilton Custom House Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House
Feb 28, 2019: 
Images of Hamilton Custom House
GSA group photo 2019 Diversity Training Event
Feb 26, 2019: