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An office space with three desks; two of the desks are pushed together with three office chairs around them below a blue glass marker board, the third desk is against the near wall with a lamp, artwork, and two books on the desk; there’s a pillow on the office chair at the near desk, a rug with triangle patterns runs diagonally below the desks, and there’s a window along the far wall with shades half drawn. Commercial co-working photo gallery
Dec 20, 2023: 
Two people having a conversation in an enclosed kiosk, visible through a glass door. Other people can be seen Workplace Innovation Lab gallery
Nov 02, 2023: 
FASOrgChart(1) FAS Organizational Structure
Nov 02, 2023: 
Federal Acquisition Service Organization updated organizational structure
Administrator tours_Innovation Lab Workplace Innovation Lab photos
Oct 20, 2023: 
Workplace Innovation Lab photos
GSA Project Manager Speaking at Community Meeting with Project Renderings in background Danny Patida Speaking at BOTA Community Engagement Meeting
Sep 19, 2023: 
BOTA Community Engagement Meeting
Missing Child 1 Missing children posters
Jul 10, 2023: 
The GSA Missing Child Notice Program provides missing child notices and guidance on how to post them in GSA-controlled facilities.
Aerial image of a four-story red brick building with a large one-story annex overlooking a parking lot, a row of brick buildings, streets, a harbor, and a bridge. Property photos: 80 Daniel Street updated
Jun 25, 2023: 
Updated photos for 80 Daniels Street
R10 Danville US Border station Danville U.S. Border Station
Jun 16, 2023: 
HPM Byron White U.S. Courthouse R8 National Preservation Month 2023 Card Set
Jun 05, 2023: 
View of an entryway to a red brick building next to a parking area with an accessible ramp. Property photos: 80 Daniel Street
Jun 02, 2023: 
Property photos: 80 Daniel Street
R8 DFC Building 53 Main Entrance R8 DFC Building 53 Renovation 2023
Apr 05, 2023: 
DFC Building 48 west side windows R8 DFC Building 48 Modernization Project Progress April 2023
Apr 03, 2023: 
R8 DFC Welcome Signage Denver Federal Center
Jan 19, 2023: 
An attendee to the wall breaking event strikes a wall with a ceremonial hammer to commemorate the start of construction at the Frank E. Moss U.S. Courthouse. Photo by Richard Stebbins Frank E. Moss U.S. Courthouse Wall Breaking Ceremony
Jan 11, 2023: 
Aerial view of an F-shaped building and parking lot with roads, trees and grassy areas around it Property photos: 6801 Telegraph Road
Jan 06, 2023: 
Photos showing the property 6801 Telegraph Road, Alexandria, VA