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One-level, paneled, white building partial view with green trees above and behind Gateway to the Greens, Middlebury VT
Photos documenting the Gateway to the Greens property in Middlebury, Vermont.
Bannister Federal Complex New White Roof Bannister Federal Complex
Bannister Federal Complex project completion
Louisa Swain Renaming Ceremony
Louisa Swain Renaming Ceremony
R8 DFC Absolute Fitness weight rack black and white DFC Wellness Center Absolute Fitness
DFC Wellness Center Absolute Fitness
photo montage of covid testing site Test for Brenda
Test for Brenda
4600 Silver Hill Road Album test for Brenda
Social Security Administration (SSA) Headquarters Campus in Woodlawn, Maryland. This five-story facility served as SSA’s dedicated data center since 1980 with the third floor previously housing the National Computer Center (NCC).
1 Looking northwest. RTD Park and Ride in foreground_ Businesses along Union Blvd. and the foothills in the background. Federal Center Station Photo Album
mural of two cityscapes side by side with a row of seven smaller paintings below Harold Weston (1894-1972)
A person, standing on a ladder in front of a building with heavy trees, holding a flag pole rope with the Progress Pride flag. Kansas City Pride Flag 2022
Photos of the Progress Pride Flag at the Richard Bolling Federal Building June 1, 2022.
A beige and glass two story building with with a circle and FBI in it on the front. Kansas City FBI groundbreaking
Cliffside Helium Facility Signage Cliffside Helium Facility
This album contains photos of the Cliffside Helium Facility in Amarillo, Texas.
seven-story building on a partly cloudy day Architecture - NCR Regional Office Building
01 Aerial East 9th and Clermont - Denver Photo Album
9th and Clermont - Denver Photo Album
Rockaway Grove Aerial Complex Image Rockaway Grove Photo Gallery
A collection of images for Rockaway Grove
aluminum sculpture of a foot postman from the colonial era Berta Margoulies (1907-1996)