GSA Fleet's Telematics Program - Driving Innovation in Federal Fleet Management

GSA Fleet provides a burden-free telematics solution at no additional cost to leasing customers. The GSA Fleet Telematics Program is the only fully integrated, FedRAMP Authorized, shared-service telematics solution in government. Telematics services are activated on all newly leased vehicles and collect comprehensive vehicle data to help fleet managers optimize their fleets and achieve cost savings. Agencies may access additional data and geolocation services by purchasing the optional ProPlus subscription-- offered at a nearly 20% discount from Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) pricing.

GSA Fleet’s Telematics program is leading new operational efficiencies and now supports the Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment tool, automated mileage reporting [PDF - 566 KB], and OEM integrations!

Note that GSA policy requires telematics on all newly acquired GSA-leased vehicles for the Federal Government and intends to install telematics on all preexisting leased vehicles by 2026.

  • Procurement & End-to-End Management - No agency contracting resources required
  • Cybersecurity Compliance - Cybersecurity assessments completed with active FedRAMP Authorization, which the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) requires for cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) products.
    • FedRAMP's “do once, use many times” framework saves resources required to conduct redundant agency security assessments and process monitoring reports. More information about reusing Authorizations can be found here [PDF]
  • Hardware - Telematics hardware provided at no additional cost
  • Installations - GSA Fleet coordinates and installs devices at no additional cost
  • [New] OEM Installations - At the same ProPlus subscription price point, avoid the hassle of installations and aftermarket hardware while collecting valuable data directly from OEM-embedded technology
  • Vendor Payment and Integrated Billing - Payment for telematics services rendered with reimbursement of agency-elected (optional) ProPlus service via the GSA Fleet leasing invoice
Per Executive Order 14057 and corresponding implementing instructions, agencies must collect and consult telematics data in developing plans for vehicle replacement, ZEV deployment, FAST reporting, and other aspects of fleet management that support achievement of ZEV goals. To inform fleet management planning, agencies and GSA must ensure that telematics collect vehicle diagnostics at the vehicle level for LDVs, MDVs, and HDVs. Metrics include fuel consumption or energy use, daily miles traveled, and idling.

The optional Pro-Plus subscription service includes access to the MyGeotab fleet management portal. MyGeotab summarizes and displays all telematics data collected from aftermarket and OEM-embedded hardware, supports multiple logins and permission levels, and enables customizable reporting. The service includes dedicated online training and support for your agency.

Data collected included:

  • Configurable GPS (Important: GSA Fleet does not receive any GPS data
  • Vehicle VIN
  • Auxiliary runtime
  • Total engine hours
  • Miles traveled
  • Number of days used
  • Number of trips
  • Tire pressure
  • Crash events
  • Vehicle maintenance reminder scheduled by mileage or engine hours
  • Record and interpret fault data (J1939, 1708, OBD, CAN)
  • Engine odometer reading
  • Device Tampering detection
  • Engine status data for engine protocols;(fuel usage/KWh % of charge/voltage/coolant/temp)
  • Driver ID (hardware add on
  • Driver coaching—Alerts and notifications for hard braking, rapid acceleration, seatbelt use, etc.

GSA Fleet is excited to introduce the next evolution of our telematics deployment; the OEM solution! GSA Fleet and leasing agencies can now use hardware installed at the factory to collect telematics data on eligible leased vehicles in lieu of installing an aftermarket Geotab device. When activated and vehicles are driven, the data flows from the OEM to GSA Fleet’s telematics provider, Geotab, where it is updated and displayed in the same FedRAMP Authorized MyGeotab portal. Additionally, GSA Fleet Drive-thru will continue to be updated with telematics activation details and engine-based odometer readings derived directly from the OEM. By using this new OEM-embedded telematics option, the administrative and operational burdens of the sourcing, fulfilling, tracking, installing, monitoring and troubleshooting aftermarket hardware can be relieved entirely, thereby generating significant savings.

Eligibility for Ford vehicles includes most 2019 model years and all 2020 model years and later. For General Motors, any vehicle 2016 and later equipped with OnStar is eligible.

Telematics Pricing:

  • Default (GSA Fleet) Plan:$0 per vehicle/per month (included in leasing service)
  • ProPlus Subscription:$13 per enrolled vehicle/per month
  • Ancillary Services (must be added to ProPlus subscription):
    • Near-Field Communication (NFC) Reader for Driver Identification (Potential CAC/PIV card use for compatible cards): $80 one-time device fee
    • Bag of 20 NFC Fobs: $60 per bag

To order, please contact your agency's headquarter fleet manager or the GSA Fleet Innovation team at

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Last Reviewed: 2023-05-10