Purchasing Programs

As the federal government's purchasing agent, GSA connects federal purchasers with the most cost-effective and high-quality commercial products and services. Find out how to purchase the products and services you need from thousands of commercial vendors, or learn how to sell products to federal agencies and employees.

  • Getting started

    Learn more about federal acquisition of products and services.

  • Assisted Acquisition

    Plan, direct and manage your complex acquisitions needs through the Assisted Acquisition program, which provides access to key GSA resources.

  • GSA Fleet

    Lease vehicles for federal agencies through GSA's full-service, professional fleet-management organization.

  • GSA travel programs

    Find discounted airfares, lodging solutions and web-based travel information.

  • OASIS and OASIS small business

    OASIS provides flexible and innovative solutions for complex professional service-based requirements that span these multiple disciplines: program management services, management consulting services, logistics services, engineering services, scientific services, and financial services.

  • SmartPay card services

    Use the GSA SmartPay® program to effectively purchase goods, travel, and manage fleet operations.

  • HCaTS and HCaTS small business

    The HCaTS and HCaTS SB contracts provide federal agencies with a reliable, flexible, fast, and efficient way to obtain best value solutions for their human capital and training solution requirements.

  • Emergency Acquisition Basic Ordering Agreements

    GSA's Emergency Acquisition Basic Ordering Agreements offer the Federal Emergency Management Agency, other federal agencies, and all levels of government (state, local, tribal, and territorial) a rapid procurement and delivery mechanism for commercial supplies and services in times of emergency.

Last Reviewed: 2023-01-04